Guarantee of safety and compliance with standards

Automotive Technical Service S.r.l. (shortly ATS S.r.l.) is a company established in 2015 in the Republic of San Marino. ATS is a Technical Service designated by the San Marino’s Approval Authority, through which are issued the type-approval certificates for any component, system and separate technical units for any kind of vehicle with the code E57, UN distinguishing number for the Republic of San Marino, after being inspected and if they comply with the respective ECE Regulations issued by the United Nations (UNECE Regulations)

It is a new and dynamic organization composed of experts with years of experience in technical certification in the automotive sector, with headquarters in the Republic of San Marino and with other branches and representative offices in various foreign countries. Thanks to the flexibility and the possibilities that the Republic of San Marino offers, it is becoming a reference point in the automotive sector

Our structure is oriented, with its services, to manufacturers and producers that need to approve their vehicles, components and systems according to international ECE Regulations, in order to be allowed afterwards to produce them in series

Our organization has all the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out tests and inspections, drawing up the test report and make all the necessary checks and assessments for the compliance with the technical and regulatory requirements of a particular component, system or technical unit specified in the respective ECE Regulations issued by the United Nations and to assist the manufacturer in every phase of the approval process.

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